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International Manufacturing Contract

International Manufacturing Contract
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This contract is used when one company arranges for another company in a different country to manufacture its products; in other words, international subcontracting. The company provides the manufacturer with all the specifications, and possibly also the materials necessary for the manufacturing process.

The contract establishes the requirements which the manufacturer must satisfy concerning the quality of the products, certification, quantities, conditions and dates of delivery, etc. Clauses regarding the inspection and testing of the products are also established by the company which contracts out the manufacture, or by its own clients; modifications to orders, as well as guarantees and compensation in case of breach of contract.

The model may be used for the subcontracting of products such as food, textiles and clothing, furniture, toys, electronics, components, machinery, etc.

The language of this contract is English. It is also available in Spanish, French and German. This is a model of International Manufacturing Contract between companies based in different countries. If the manufacturing is carried out in China is advisable to use the OEM Manufacturing Contract for China (English-Chinese).

If the company that subcontracts the manufacturing and the manufacturer are in the same country the Manufacturing Contract should be used.

Index of the Contract

1. Appointment
2. Orders
3. Obligations of the Manufacturer
4. Inspection & testing
5. Delivery terms
6. Rejection of products
7. Warranty and indemnity
8. Prices and payment terms
9. Variations of products

10. Intellectual Property
11. Confidentiality
12. Termination
13. Subcontracting
14. Force Majeure
15. Resolution of disagreement
16. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
17. Language