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Commercial Agency Contract (French)

Contrat d'Agent Commercial
Pages: 11 + 4 (User Guide)
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Language: French
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Model of contract specially developed for activities requiring a commercial agent to promote the sale of goods. The model is drafted in such a way that it may be easily adapted to the needs of each activity and type of commercial agent. In this contract, one party (the Principal) places the other, either an individual or a company (the Agent) in charge of controlling the promotion of sales as an independent intermediary without assuming liability for those transactions. The Intermediary receives payment exclusively through commission on transactions which are completed successfully, and in some cases certain costs –for example business trips or promotional activities– may be taken into account. In the most important considerations of the contract (exclusivity, objectives, amounts to be paid and calculation of commissions, information, rescission, damages, etc) there are alternatives of wording.

The language of this contract is French. It is also available in Spanish, English and German.

This is a model of Commercial Agency Contract suitable for companies and/or professionals based in the same country. If the Principal and the Agent are based in different countries the International Commercial Agency Contract should be used.

Index of the Contract

1. Produits et Territoire
2. Fonctions de l’Agent
3. Acceptation des commandes
4. Obligation d’atteindre un objectif minimum de ventes
5. Exclusivité
6. Engagement de non-concurrence
7. Obligation d’informer le Mandant
8. Obligation d’informer l’Agent
9. Sous-agents
10. Interdiction pour d’autres Territoires
11. Assistance technique
12. Service après-vente et maintenance
13. Responsabilité financière de l’Agent
14. Commission de l’Agent
15. Calcul de la commission
16. Commissions réduites
17. Marge de négociation et remises
18. Date de règlement des commissions
19. Opérations ouvrant droit à commission
20. Commissions pour opérations postérieures à la finalisation du Contrat
21. Frais de représentation et de déplacement
22. Résiliation prématurée
23. Indemnisation pour résiliation du Contrat
24. Durée du Contrat
25. Restitution d´échantillons et matériel de publicité
26. Modifications
27. Cession du Contrat
28. Loi applicable et compétence

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