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Distribution Contract (French)

Contrat de Distribution
Pages: 13 + 4 (User Guide)
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Language: French
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Model of Distribution Contract (with or without exclusivity), where one party (Supplier) grants to the other party (Distributor) the right to promote and commercialize products under its own name and on its own account with the intention of re-selling to the end client or retailers located in a stated territory. The model serves for the distribution of different types of products (food and beverages, consumer goods, industrial supplies, machinery, etc). It is equally adaptable to different types of distribution, i.e. mass, selective and exclusive.

In the most relevant aspects of the contract (products and territory, exclusivity, non-competition, prices, delivery and payment conditions, promotional activities, services etc.), a number of alternatives have been suggested in order that the most appropriate version may be chosen for the purposes of whoever writes up the contract (Supplier or Distributor).

The language of this contract is French. It is also available in Spanish, English and German.

This is a model of Distribution Contract suitable for companies based in the same country. If the Supplier and the Distributor are based in different countries the International Distribution Contract should be used.

Index of the Contract
1. Produits et Territoire
2. Obligations du Distributeur
3. Exclusivité
4. Ventes directes
5. Ventes en dehors du Territoire
6. Engagement de non concurrence
7. Objectif minimum de ventes
8. Obligation de livraison de quantité minimum
9. Conditions de vente
10. Prix et remises
11. Prix de revente
12. Forme de paiement
13. Obligation d’informer le Fournisseur
14. Obligation d’informer le Distributeur
15. Réseau commercial externe
16. Stock minimum
17. Vérification des installations et opérations
18. Assistance technique
19. Service après-vente et maintenance
20. Garanties du Fournisseur
21. Garanties du Distributeur
22. Activités de publicité
23. Résiliation prématurée
24. Indemnisation pour résiliation du contrat
25. Durée du Contrat
26. Rachat de produits
27. Restitution du matériel promotionnel et des échantillons
28. Modifications
29. Cession du Contrat
30. Loi applicable et compétence

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