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Letter of Intent for Joint Venture Contract

Letter of Intent for Joint Venture Contract
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This Letter of Intent is used to set objectives and define the most important issues between the Parties prior to the signing of a Joint Venture Contract. It also serves to assess the interest of the Parties to reach agreement and to take account of developments that have taken place during negotiations.

Either Party can write this Letter of Intent, although usually is the Party that has taken the initiative in the negotiation process. This is a non-binding document, except in regard to confidentiality during negotiations.

The language of this Letter of Intent is English. It is also available in Spanish, French and German.

This document can be used for domestic and international joint ventures.

Index of the Contract
1. Objectives
2. Share of capital
3. Feasibility study and business plan
4. Documents to register the company
5. Deadline to sign the contract
6. Confidentiality