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Supply Contract (Spanish)

Contrato de Suministro
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Language: Spanish
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This contract is used for establishing long-term agreements (i.e. one year or more) between a manufacturer (referred to here as the Supplier) and its client (the Buyer) for the supply of products at predetermined prices. Transactions are carried out through regular orders (every month, or every three months, etc.). In the contract, the minimum and maximum amounts to be supplied are established, as well as a number of alternatives for the adjustment of the price at the end of each year within the term of the contract.

The contract is valid for two different kinds of supply: (a) the regular acquisition of products (raw materials, components, etc.) which the Buyer is to incorporate in the manufacturing process of its own products; (b) the regular acquisition of products which the Buyer is to sell on elsewhere under its own brand, and without any significant modifications, in order to complete its range of products.

In the most important aspects of the contract (amounts and orders, formula for adjusting prices, payment terms, etc.), a number of alternatives have been suggested in order that the most appropriate version may be chosen for the purposes of whoever writes up the contract (i.e. the Supplier or the Buyer).

The language of this contract is Spanish. It is also available in English, French and German.

This model of Supply Contract is used for supplies, when the Supplier and the Purchaser are based in the same country. If Supplier and Purchaser are based in different countries the International Supply Contract should be used.

Index of the Contract

1. Acuerdo de suministro
2. Duración
3. Calidad
4. Cantidades y pedidos
5. Riesgos de entrega y propiedad
6. Precios y productos
7. Condiciones de pago
Propiedad Intelectual
9. Reclamaciones
10. Rescisión
11. Fuerza Mayor
12. Solución de controversias
13. Ley aplicable y jurisdicción competente
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