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Sales Representative Agreement (German)

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Language: German
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This is a type of contract by means of which one company which supplies products or services, and is interested in expanding its sales, appoints either an individual or a company (the Representative) with ample knowledge and experience in the company´s field of activity.

The Representative carries out his/her activity continuously and payment is established as commission on sales achieved, although on occasions there may be agreement as to the payment of fees for management and representation expenses. In the most important clauses of the agreement (commitment to non-competition, negotiation of transactions, remuneration of the Representative, management costs, compensation, etc.) a number of suggested text options has been provided, for the most appropriate one to be selected according to who writes the contract (Company or Representative).

The language of this contract is German. It is available also in Spanish, French and English.

This is a model of Sales Representative Agreement suitable for companies and/or professionals based in the same country. If the Company and the Representative are based in different countries the International Sales Representative Agreement should be used.
Index of the Contract
1. Consulting Services
2. Obligations of the Consultant
3. Schedule and duration of the Services
4. Fees
5. Terms of payment
6. Expenses
7. Information and approval
8. Intellectual Property Rights
9. Personnel
10. Status of the Consultant
11. Responsibility
12. Penalty for delays
13. Termination of the contract
14. Subcontracting
15. Confidentiality
16. Law applicable and competent jurisdiction
17. Taxation
18. Language