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Créé le jeudi 12 décembre 2013 / English blog
Tags: international contract, international agreement, law, drafting contracts, drafting agreements
While the use or preprinted or standard contract forms -downloaded in websites such as Global Negotiator- is certainly an effective means of doing international business, you must at the same time be cautious ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 27 juin 2013 / English blog
Tags: Jurisdiction, law, governing law, international contracts
In a transaction with no foreign element involved it will not usually be necessary to specify the system of law which is to govern the transaction or the courts which are to have jurisdiction in the event ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 16 mai 2013 / English blog
Tags: Clauses, International distribution
The purpose of an international distribution contract is to establish one or more sales points within a geographical area in a foreign country from which goods and services can be offered to a specific ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 16 mai 2013 / English blog
Tags: Risks, International Business
In today’s business environment, conditions remain challenging for many, and risk retains its position high on every organization’s agenda. Businesses themselves are changing, which brings new risk horizons ... [ +++ ]
Créé le lundi 26 novembre 2012 / English blog
Tags: guide, international, business, location, costs
In most industries today, companies have to operate internationally to stay successful and grow. This guide made by KPMG (the consulting and tax company) contains valuable information for any company locating ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 15 novembre 2012 / English blog
Tags: Language, Clause, International, Contracts, Agreement
When the parties of an international contract use different languages a language clause should be included in the contract. Even if the parties adopt as the only language one in particular, there must ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 8 novembre 2012 / English blog
Tags: Keys, Clauses, International, Sale
The International Sale Contract is the most used among those governing trade relations between companies in different countries. This agreement sets out the rights and obligations of the parties (exporter-seller ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 27 septembre 2012 / English blog
Tags: international arbitration, international commercial arbitration
... the Spanish law 11/2011, of May 20, amending Law 60/2003 of December 23, provides that corresponds to the Superior Courts of Justice jurisdiction to grant recognition to foreign awards. All our international ... [ +++ ]