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Créé le jeudi 12 décembre 2013 / English blog
Tags: international contract, international agreement, law, drafting contracts, drafting agreements
While the use or preprinted or standard contract forms -downloaded in websites such as Global Negotiator- is certainly an effective means of doing international business, you must at the same time be cautious ... [ +++ ]
Créé le mercredi 28 août 2013 / English blog
Tags: distribution, contract, agreement, china
... which entered into force on August 8, 2007. Although a contract to distribute products in China will usually allow and require a Chinese company to market and distribute the foreign company´s products ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 6 juin 2013 / English blog
Tags: Manufacturing, China, contract, agreement
Manufacturing in China is a decision taken by thousands of companies in recent years. China has become the "factory of the world". Hundreds of thousands of foreign companies have decided to move production ... [ +++ ]
Créé le jeudi 15 novembre 2012 / English blog
Tags: Language, Clause, International, Contracts, Agreement
When the parties of an international contract use different languages a language clause should be included in the contract. Even if the parties adopt as the only language one in particular, there must ... [ +++ ]