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International Manufacturing License Agreement (Spanish)

Contrato Internacional de Licencia de Fabricación
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Language: Spanish
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This agreement establishes a relationship between two companies, Licensor and Licensee, whereby the Licensor grants a license of Intellectual Property Rights (patents, trademarks, utility models, industrial designs, know how) that are required in order for the Licensee to manufacture a sell the products in a defined territory, usually a country.

In the most important aspects of the contract (technology, exclusivity, royalties, termination of contract, applicable law and competent jurisdiction, etc.) different alternatives have been provided, for the most appropriate one to be selected according to who drafts the contract (Licensor or Licensee).

The language of this contract is Spanish. It is available also in English.

This is a model of International Manufacturing License Agreement between companies based in different countries. If Licensor and Licensee are located in the same country the License Agreement should be used.
Index of the Contract

1. Objeto del contrato
2. Ámbito territorial
3. Ámbito técnico
4. Exclusividad
5. Obligaciones del Licenciante
6. Obligaciones del Licenciatario
7. Canon inicial
8. Cánones
9. Cánones mínimos
10. Fecha de liquidación de cánones
11. Divisa de liquidación de los cánones
12. Impuestos
13. Prohibición de cesión
14. Sub-licencias
15. Subcontratación
16. Registro de patentes y marcas
17. Mención del Licenciante y etiquetado
18. Registro de operaciones
19. Control de operaciones
20. Entrada en vigor y duración del contrato
21. Rescisión del contrato
22. Finalización del contrato
23. Confidencialidad
24. Ley aplicable y jurisdicción competente
25. Idioma
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