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International Buying Agent Contract (Spanish)

Contrato de Agente de Compras Internacional
Pages: 9 + 4 (User Guide)
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Language: Spanish
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In this contract, one party (Principal) appoints another (Buying Agent) to represent and purchase a certain kind of products within a defined territory that can be a country or a group of countries. The functions of the Buying Agent include, among others, the following: identification of manufacturers and suppliers of products within the territory; negotiation of prices, terms of delivery and payment; management of international transport documents which comply with export and import procedures and import; to assist and serve as a translator of the Principal´s representatives when visiting the country to negotiate purchase contracts or check the manufacture of products.

The language of this contract is Spanish. It is available also in English.

Index of the Contract
1. Nombramiento
2. Funciones del Agente de Compras
3. Exclusividad
4. Negociación de las compras
5. Aceptación de las compras
  6. Inspecciones y productos defectuosos
7. Legislaciones aduaneras
8. Requisitos de facturación
9. Requisitos en las Cartas de Crédito
10. Comisión del Agente de Compras
11. Gastos de viaje y otros costes operativos
12. Relaciones del Agente de Compras con fabricantes y proveedores
13. Confidencialidad
14. Duración del Contrato
15. Modificaciones
16. Cesión del Contrato
17. Ley aplicable y jurisdicción competente
18. Idioma
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