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Intermediary Contract for International Sales

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Model of an intermediary contract for international sales in which potential clients have been identified. The exporter (the Company) appoints either an individual or a company (the Intermediary) in charge of the management, consulting and negotiation of specific operations with a previously determined client (the Buyer). Once the operations are concluded, the contract is ended.
In contrast with the International Commercial Agency Contract, agreements on exclusivity and non-competition are not established.

Due to the occasional nature of the contract, at the end of it, the Intermediary does not have the right to indemnity.

The language of this contract is English. It is available also in Spanish.
Index of the Contract

1. Object
2. Functions of the Intermediary
3. Representation of the Intermediary
4. Commissions
5. Information to the Company
6. Information to the Intermediary
7. Scope of contract
8. Term
9. Amendments and extensions
10. Applicable law
11. Resolution of disputes
12. Language
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