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Export Contract (Spanish)

Contrato de Exportacion
Pages: 10 + 4 (Incoterms Explanatory Note) + 4 (User Guide)
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Language: Spanish
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Model of Export Contract used in international sales of certain products (raw materials, industrial supplies, manufactured goods) which are intended for resale, where the buyer is an importer, trader, distributor or wholesaler that will sell the products to another company or retailer. In the case of international sales of products for the end client or complex products (machinery, capital goods, etc.) with guarantees and after sales service, it is advisable to use the International Sale Contract.

The model is mainly designed for one-off sales rather than repetitive sales to the same client for a certain period of time. For that kind of sales the International Supply Contract should be used.

In the most important clauses of the contract (delivery terms, payment conditions, non-conformity of the goods), a number of alternatives have been suggested in order that the most appropriate version may be chosen for the purposes of whoever writes up the contract (Seller or Buyer).

The contract also includes an Explanatory Note about the use of Incoterms in Export Contracts.

The language of this contract is Spanish. It is available also in English.

Index of the Contract

1. Productos vendidos
2. Precio estipulado
3. Condiciones de entrega
4. Momento de la entrega
5. Forma de pago
6. Documentos
7. Control del producto antes de su expedición
8. Cláusula de reserva de dominio
9. Retraso o falta de entrega de los productos
10. Falta de conformidad de los productos
11. Cooperación entre las Partes
12. Fuerza mayor
13. Ley aplicable y jurisdicción competente
14. Idioma
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