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Supply Contract China (English-Chinese)

Supply Contract for  China (English-Chinese dual version)
Pages: 16 + 6 (Guide Negotiating contracts in China)
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Language: English-Chinese
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This contract, which is in two languages (English-Chinese), is used when a foreign company contracts the supply of products at certain prices with a Chinese manufacturer over a certain period of time (one year or more). The contract includes clauses regarding quality, amounts and orders, prices, payment conditions, claims and resolution of problems, inter alia.

The contract is adapted to the uses and commercial practices of the Chinese market and Chinese contract law (People's Republic of China Contract Law). Together with the contract, we provide a guide in English on Negotiating Contracts in China.

This agreement is used for contracting the manufacture of standard products without excessive value added in China. If it is for manufacturing customised products with specifications regarding the materials used, packaging and wrapping, designs and own models, manufacturing equipment, and protecting the intellectual property rights of the products (patents, trademarks), it is preferable to use the OEM Manufacturing Contract.


1. Agreement to supply
2. Duration
3. Quality
4. Quantities and ordering procedures
5. Deliveries risk & ownership
6. Prices
6. Prices
7. Payment terms
8. Intellectual Property Rights
9. Claims
10. Termination
11. Force majeure
12. Assignment and subcontracting
13. Relationship of the parties
14. Notices
15. Amendments and additions
16. Law and jurisdiction
16. Term of contract
17. Language