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Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Venture China (English-Chinese)

Memorandum of Understanding of Joint Venture iin China (English-Chinese dual version)
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Language: English-Chinese
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This Memorandum of Understanding is drawn up in two languages (English and Chinese) and is used to establish the targets and define the most important aspects between the Parties before signing a Joint Venture Agreement in China. It is also used to assess the interest of the Chinese Party and to reflect the progress which has been made during the negotiation.
This document is prepared to seek a balance between the two companies which are going to set up the Joint Venture in China: the foreign company and its partner in China. It is not binding, except with regard to the question of confidentiality in negotiations.
Index of Memorandum
1. Objectives
2. Share of capital
3. Feasibility study and business plan
4. Documents to register the company
5. Deadline to sign the contract
6. Confidentiality