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Confidentiality Agreement for China (English-Chinese)

Confidentiality Agreement for  China (English-Chinese dual version)
Pages: 11 + 6 (Guide Negotiating contracts in China)
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Language: English-Chinese
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This Confidentiality Agreement in two languages (English-Chinese) has the purpose of safeguarding certain sensitive information (especially commercial or technological secrets) which are brought forward in the process of negotiations between Chinese companies. It is normally used in negotiations performed prior to making distribution, supply, manufacture, license, franchise, and joint venture agreements, and generally speaking for any agreement which might entail prior supply of confidential information to a Chinese company.

The contract is adapted to the uses and commercial practices of the Chinese market and Chinese contract law (People's Republic of China Contract Law). Together with the contract, we provide a guide in English on Negotiating Contracts in China.


1. Agreement to supply
2. Confidential Information
3. Obligation of the Parties
4. Exceptions from confidentiality obligations
5. Intellectual Property Rights
6. Coming into force and duration of Agreement
7. Delivery of Confidential Information
8. Notices
9. Law and jurisdiction
10. Language