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Commission Contract for China (English-Chinese)

Commission Contract for  China (English-Chinese dual version)
Pages: 9 + 6 (Guide Negotiating contracts in China)
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Language: English-Chinese
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This contract, in two languages (English-Chinese), is used when a company entrusts the sale (exclusive or non-exclusive) of products and services to a person or company (agent) in China in exchange for fees which are established solely as a percentage of the amount of sales made. The Chinese agent carries out its activity in accordance with the sale conditions established by the company, and is not entitled to negotiate or sign Contracts with Chinese buyers on the company's behalf.
Together with the contract, we provide a Guide in English regarding Negotiation of Contracts in China, with guidelines on behaviour patterns and common practices of Chinese companies when negotiating contracts with foreign companies.
This contract is used for sporadic sales in which there is not a continuous relationship between the company and the agent in China. Should the parties prefer to establish a regular relationship between them, the Agency Contract should be used.
Index of the Contract

1. Object of the Contract
2. Appointment and exclusivity
3. Obligations of Agent
4. Representation of Agent
5. Commissions
6. Promotion materials
7. Non-competition
8. Relationship
9. Confidentiality
10. Intellectual Property Rights
11. Notices
12. Information to the Intermediary
13. Law and jurisdiction
14. Language