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Agency Contract China (English-Chinese)

Agency Contract for China (English-Chinese dual version)
Pages: 19 + 6 (Guide Negotiating contracts in China)
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Language: English-Chinese
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Model of Agency Contract in two languages (English-Chinese), which is used when a Company appoints an Agent to promote and sell its products in China. It includes the following clauses, inter alia: minimum sales target, exclusivity, commissions, protection of intellectual property rights, compensation in the event of cancellation of contract and resolution of conflicts.

The contract is adapted to the uses and commercial practices of the Chinese market and Chinese contract law (People's Republic of China Contract Law). Together with the contract, we provide a guide in English on Negotiating Contracts in China.
This contract must only be used when there is a continuous relationship between the company and its Agent in China. If dealing with sporadic operations in which Chinese professionals with contacts in certain sectors or areas of China are used as intermediaries, then it is preferable to use the Commission Contract.
Index of the Contract

1. Products and Territory
2. Functions of the Agent
3. Acceptance of Orders
4. Obligation to meet a minimum sales objective
5. Exclusivity
6. Commitment not to compete
7. Obligation to inform the Principal
8. Obligation to inform the Agent
9. Confidentiality
10. Subagents
11. Prohibition of other Territories
12. Trade Marks, Brand names, logos and other Intellectual Property Rights
13. Technical support
14. After-sales service and maintenance
15.  Financial responsibility of the Agent
16. The Agent’s Commission
17. Calculating commission
18. Currency of commission payment
19. Exchange rate applicable to commission
20. Date of payment of commission
21. Transactions with entitlement to commission
22. Reduced commissions
23. Commission for transactions after completion of contract
24. Margin of negotiation and discounts
25. Direct payments to the Agent
26. Sales expenses and travel costs
27. Termination of contract
28. Compensation for termination
29. Term of contract
30. Return of samples and advertising material
31. Amendments
32. Granting of rights to third parties
33. Law and jurisdiction
34. Language