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Internationaler Beratungvertrag (Englisch)

International Consulting Contract
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Sprache: Englisch
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This is a type of contract used by international consulting firms or professionals, by means of which one of the parties (Consultant) establishes the conditions of his services proposal to the other party (Client). Usually these contracts are used for an specific project within a wide range of sectors (corporate strategy, management, market research, human resources, engineering, information technology, etc.).

In the most important aspects of the contract (fees and expenses, Intellectual Property Rights, applicable law and competent jurisdiction, etc.) a number of alternatives have been provided, for the most appropriate one to be selected according to who drafts the contract (Consultant or Client).

The language of this contract is English. It is available also in Spanish.

This is a model of International Consulting Contract suitable for companies and/or professionals based in different countries. If the Consultant and the Client are based in the same country the Consulting Contract should be used.

1. Consulting Services
2. Obligations of the Consultant
3. Schedule and duration of the Services
4. Fees
5. Terms of payment
6. Expenses
7. Information and approval
8. Intellectual Property Rights
9. Personnel
10. Status of the Consultant
11. Responsibility
12. Penalty for delays
13. Termination of the contract
14. Subcontracting
15. Confidentiality
16. Law applicable and competent jurisdiction
17. Taxation
18. Language