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Entsendungsvertrag (Englisch)

Expatriate Contract of Employment
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This contract is intended to apply to the employment conditions between a company located in one country, which takes on employees (and especially, those of management and senior management cadre) who reside in another country. It is to be used in particular by companies which have subsidiaries in several countries and contract employees who will have to move overseas, which involves a set of expenses and therefore requires the contract to include certain benefits additional to those of standard and conventional salary.

The twenty clauses of the contract cover the main issues such as the appointment to the post (job title), contract period, payment (salary plus bonus), paid leave, residence and work permits, causes for dismissal and payment of taxes. The annexes of the contract include additional benefits which may be offered to the employee, such as return travel to his/her country of residence, accommodations, company car, medical insurance, school fees, etc.

Certain clauses include a number of alternative options, so that the company may choose whichever best suits the characteristics of the position governed by the contract. The company may use this model contract as a template for the preparation of contracts for expatriate employees.

For employees (essentially managers and directors) who are required to move to a company located in another country, this model contract may be used as a guide for negotiating employment conditions with the company which may offer such employment.

The language of this contract is English. It is available also in Spanish.
Index of Contract
1. Appointment
2. Contract period
3. Probation period
4. Obligations of the Employee
5. Overtime
6. Salary
7. Annual bonus
8. Holidays/leave
9. Travel/air tickets

10. Accommodation
11. Other benefits

12. Visa residence/work permit
13. Other business interests
14. Confidential and business information
15. Termination
16. Dismissal
17. Taxes
18. Conditional contract
19. Governing law and dispute resolution
20. Entire Contract