Blog INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS in English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese. Ready to use. Immediate download. Word format. Commercial contracts and letters for contracts. Tue, 26 Sep 2023 15:47:39 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Drafting International Contracts: 10 Tips Drafting International ContractsWhile the use or preprinted or standard contract forms -downloaded in websites such as Global Negotiator- is certainly an effective means of doing international business, you must at the same time be cautious of the drawbacks and protect yourself from the chance that your contract provisions might be unenforceable in the event that a dispute arises.

We offer 10 tips that you have to take into account when drafting international contracts using standard models or templates:

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Distribution Contracts in China Distribution contracts in ChinaEntering into a distribution contract in China is one of the most common ways for a foreign company to distribute its products in China and is commonly considered the most appropriate way when the foreign company does not want to appoint agents in China to act on its behalf. An agency relationship usually requires more understanding and trust between the foreign company and its Chinese partners since, pursuant to Chinese laws, the acts of agent will be jointly and severally liable to third parties. A foreign company that is unwilling to entrust this level of responsibility to a Chinese agent may alternatively prefer to appoint its Chinese partner as distributor in a specified region, either on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

As the foreign company and its Chinese distributor will carry out the distribution tasks in accordance with the terms of the distribution contract, in order to ensure smooth cooperation between the parties, it is advisable that the following matters be considered during the negotiation and conclusion of the contract:

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Saudi Arabia Investment Guide Saudi Arabia Business Guide UKTIThe Saudi economy, buoyed by high oil prices, is currently witnessing a period of rapid growth, with large scale infrastructure and social welfare projects being implemented alongside an equally ambitious industrial diversification programme. Opportunities exist across a range of sectors for quality exporters, and there is strong demand for relevant expertise particularly in engineering design, project management, financial services, and education and training.

This Guide from the Economist Intelligence Unit identified high value investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia for foreign companies in the following sectors:

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Governing Law and Jurisdiction in International Contracts jurisdiccion-competenteIn a transaction with no foreign element involved it will not usually be necessary to specify the system of law which is to govern the transaction or the courts which are to have jurisdiction in the event of a dispute. However, where there are international aspects to the transaction, it is sensible to set out in the contract both the governing law and jurisdiction – i.e which country’s laws govern the terms of the contract and in which country’s courts will any dispute be finally decided.

The principal foreign element aspects that impact materially on a transaction are:

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Emirates Doing Business Guide Guia-de-negocios-en-Emiratos-ArabesThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in the Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia. The UAE has an open economy with a high per capita come and a sizeable annual trade surplus. With Abu Dhabi and Dubai as its dual financial centers, the UAE has long commanded economic superiority in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC).

This guide from the bank HSBC and Price Waterhouse covers several considerations that may generally apply in all of these emirates and can be considered by foreign investors in evaluating the prospects of operating and investing in the UAE:

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Manufacturing contracts in China manufacturing-contracts-in-chinaManufacturing in China is a decision taken by thousands of companies in recent years. China has become the "factory of the world". Hundreds of thousands of foreign companies have decided to move production to China and hire local companies that manufacture all kinds of products, at competitive prices, which are then sold on world markets.

But when a foreign company hires a Chinese manufacturer must ensure that the products they produce will meet the agreed quality criteria. Here are five keys to minimizing risks in relationships with Chinese manufacturers.

In this article, we discuss contract terms which foreign companies should consider when manufacturing in China and must negotiate Manufacturing Contracts with Chinese suppliers. we highlight 10 several major clauses which should be included in a manufacturing contract in China:

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Key Clauses in International Distribution Contracts Clausulas-Clave-en-los-Contratos-de-Distribucion-InternacionalThe purpose of an international distribution contract is to establish one or more sales points within a geographical area in a foreign country from which goods and services can be offered to a specific clientele.

This type of contract enables suppliers -i.e. manufacturers of different products- to benefit from existing commercial facilities and to select their trading partners. This commercial contract model also has the advantage of enabling suppliers to impose sales methods and practices associated with their products or brands.

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10 Top Risks in International Business 10 TOP RISKS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSIn today’s business environment, conditions remain challenging for many, and risk retains its position high on every organization’s agenda. Businesses themselves are changing, which brings new risk horizons and, at the same time, they are grappling with the changes brought about by a post-downturn economy. The ability to anticipate threats, respond and continually adapt is as critical a part of the risk management process as it ever has been.

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Arbitration Clause in International Contracts international arbitrationYou might provide for arbitration as an alternative to litigation for resolving international contracts disputes. Arbitration is less formal procedurally than a court trial bus still allows Parties to present their claims before a neutral specialist or panel for an objective decision.


This remedy is increasing in popularity in commercial disputes, largely because it is less adversarial, less costly and faster than litigation. However, be certain that you seriously intend to settle disputes as you agreed under the contract.


An arbitratrion clause should specify:

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